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What are Powder Coated finishes?

By Oak Pointe Team

Even if you do not entirely understand what Powder Coating is, you have likely seen products that have been Powder Coated.

We work with the best vendors to provide the best finishes. Powder Coating is not typical paint — the coating is made of a fine, powdery dust through a unique process. Once cured under heat, the Powder Coating covers product(s) with a protective layer that is more durable than traditional paint. This improves corrosion resistance while providing a long-lasting and beautiful finish.

Besides Powder Coating’s functional benefits, it also adds aesthetic value. Powder Coating provides a clean finish that is consistent in texture and color, taking your project to the next level of smooth, simple elegance.

The Powder Coating Process:

  1. Preparing the Metal – during this step, all excess mill scale, oil, and rust commonly found on freshly manufactured metals is removed
    1. Wash
    2. Rinse
    3. Etching Solution – cuts into the metals with an acid
  2. Pre-Cure – removes excess water and heats the parts to be ready for step 3
  3. Applying the Powder Coat
  4. Main (Post) Cure Oven – baked to form a strong seal

We offer extensive Iron Baluster Collections (Pacific-hollow and European-solid) with many beautiful standard finishes. If you don’t see the finish you desire, we have hundreds of custom Powder Coating finishes to choose from for both our Iron Balusters and our Modern Metal Collection Products. 

NOTE: Iron balusters are for interior use only.  Custom Powder Coat finishes are exterior grade and may be used for exterior applications when applied to products manufactured out of materials for exterior use.

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