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A Stepping Stone to Greater Heights

By Oak Pointe Team

It is hard to envision any home without thinking of the perfect staircase. Other than their practical use, stairs can be used to tie in the design of the room, or even to enhance a design style.

Over the years, we have been dedicated to providing you with the best and most qualitative stair materials in the market. Additionally, we are invested in bringing to market some of the most astounding and cutting-edge pieces from our team of qualified professionals.

While we have been in operation since 1996, the real turning point for Oak Pointe came in 2007. After a structural reshaping, a bold idea was introduced; to produce all of the company’s products domestically. While a gamble, the decision paid off. Most notable was the life breathed into the artistic and creative stair components. Island columns, large columns, and finials designs were also not left behind.

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Proudly American

As mentioned above, Oak Pointe came to a decision to design and manufacture all oftheir wood products in their Newcomerstown, Ohio plant. This signified a few things, including;

  • Customized design – Since the designs were also being made by Oak Pointe in our country, a lot more could be customized to match the current themes and design. This also means that you now get a customizable design on your stair parts to showcase.
  • Meticulous craftsmanship –With Oak Point, you can rest assured your designs are not only executed in a speedy and reliable manner but that the design matches your concept completely.
  • Improved standards – The unfortunate reality on the ground is many of the other stair component companies outsource to cheap and unqualified workforce. As a result, most of the items produced there are substandard, and there isn’t much you can do about it.

With our products being manufactured in the country, we must adherer to the strict and straightforward guidelines. This ensures our material is of top-notch quality.

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