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Looking for that old rustic Charm?

By Oak Pointe Team
Are you one of the thousands looking to add that old rustic charm to you next project? Oak Pointe can help you achieve a variety of unique rustic and
Oak Pointe, Wood Plug Optionsdistressed looks.
Rustic and distressed textures options are done by hand by our experts. This special process means that each piece has a unique and distinctive charm.
Character-Grade wood comes from newly-logged trees and will have knots, splits, holes, etc. We cannot guarantee size or placement of these markings.
Reclaimed wood is another rustic option provided by Oak Pointe. The beauty in reclaimed wood lies in its uniqueness, there are no guarantees on the number of knots or other character grade options, but it offers a one of a kind look. Reclaimed wood can be gathered from a variety of places: barns, fences, old warehouses, and factories. We have a variety of suppliers that can consistently provide quality reclaimed pieces for your millwork needs.
Finishing Tip Darker finishes will accent the textures of the wood. If lighter finishes are desired, we recommend a black glaze as a background to increase the visibility of the surfaces. The proper finishing will enhance the texture of your chosen wood. 
*All products provided by Oak Pointe come unfinished.           
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