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New ways to Navigate the OP Catalog

By Katie Finnicum

We are excited to share with you a new way to view our Edition 3.0 Catalog.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed looking through a catalog? You aren’t sure where to start? Or what you are evening looking at?

Oak Pointe has the largest standard product offerings along with extensive capabilities, which can make our catalog overwhelming. We are taking steps to make finding the products you or your clients need faster and stress-free!

Collection Page

By going to our website and navigating to the Individual PDFs page you can view each series in our three collections: The Classic, Diamond, and European Collection. Are you looking for a specific product or capability? Individual PDFs will also be stored here.

Classic Collection
Diamond Collection
Arts and Crafts Art Deco Rustic and Distress
Bristol Avenue i Wood Species
Carolina Belmont Milling Options - Coming Soon
Challis Cambridge Historical: Restoration and Renovation - Coming Soon
Colonial Clifton Park  
Hampton Emperor
Mission Farm Baluster Panels
Traditional Federal Box Newels
  Highland Cabinetry
  Hudson Exterior
  Main Street Iron - Coming Soon
European Collection
Malta Estate Components - Coming Soon
Barcelona Milan Handrail - Coming Soon
Lisbon Portsmouth Rail Fittings - Coming Soon
Vienna Regency Starting Steps - Coming Soon
  Victoria Treads (Winder & False) - Coming Soon
    Stringer Brackets - Coming Soon
    Hardware - Coming Soon
    Columns & Posts - Coming Soon

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