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The Oak Pointe Product Display Brochure

By Oak Pointe Team

We are excited to announce of few of the changes you’ll notice over the next few months. Here’ we’ll also include a few of the key functions that have helped Oak Pointe stand out in the industry.

  1. Customized and realistic showrooms– We realized that most showrooms don’t reflect the true nature of the design or how it looks out of the showroom and into the house. This often leads to a disparity and a lot of unsatisfied customers.
    To curb this, we sought to create designs that not top of the market in terms of design and quality, but designs that your customers will love. This way, when they get something, they know just how it is going to look at their house.
  1. Expression of art, design, and technology– Another main concern was how most of the designs would look similar and generic. This is often because most of the parts and design are just fed to a machine to churn out material.
    We, however, wanted something unique, designs that are not only outstanding but also resonate with the customer’s desired taste and preferences. To this effect, we incorporated some of the signature pieces designed by our leading design experts.
    These designs are highlighted in the free to download the brochure. One of the highlighted signature displays is the removable baluster panels. Moreover, there are more than ten different designs to select from.
  2. More goodies
    The brochure goes ahead to cover some of the stunning pieces on display. For example, some of the large displays focus on the modern metal product line, contemporary options, traditional wood products, and rustic options, and single-box new displays.
    Ultimately, Oak Pointe has made significant changes over the last few years. These changes have helped the firm solidify its position in the industry. If you have any queries or questions, or you have a design you’ll like actualized, talk to our team, and we will take care of all your needs.

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Product Display Brochure

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