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Renovation, Restoration, & Replication

By Katie Finnicum

Historic duplicationAre you working on restoring or renovating an old home or office space? Do you need replacement parts? Or do you want to replicate an old style? Interior or Exterior?

Oak Pointe is proud to not only have an extensive standard product line of stair parts, columns, and other millwork, but also a wide variety of custom capabilities. Our engineering experts can precisely recreate your component needs, whether you provide a sample product or CAD file. Our team takes the time to examine every detail of your provided sample or file to ensure EXACT replication.
If you don’t need an exact match, or you’re just looking to replicate a style, simply supply a photo or sketch and our team will draw your desired components.
Additionally, Oak Pointe can replicate the original historic beauty of wood turned antiques that meet Historic Building Tax Credits.
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Restoration and Replication

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