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Thick Treads can add impact to any Contemporary Stairways

By Jeanie McClain

Do you desire to make a stunning impact with your contemporary staircase?

Oak Pointe can manufacture treads from almost any wood species and at almost any thickness and configuration for interior or exterior applications that transform your staircase from standard to extraordinary.

Standard Treads are typically ¾” or 1 1/16” thick, while Thick Treads can be 2”, 3”, 4” or more in our standard or butcher block construction.

  • Specifications standard sizes, but choose any intermediate size that you need
  • Length: 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72”, and 84” – options up to 186” available
  • Depth: 10 ½ and 11 ½ – options even greater than 36" available
  • Thickness: 2", 3", 4" or more

Standard: Treads will be edge-glued for depth (face grain on the top & bottom, edge grain on front and back, and end grain on the ends. If the treads have returns, they will have face grain on the top & bottom and edge grain on the edge).  3/4" and 1 1/16" thick treads are normally solid in thickness for our standard species and other species whenever possible.  Thicker treads up to 1 ¾ may be solid or faced-glued for thickness. Treads over 1 ¾ thick will be edge-glued for depth and faced-glued for thickness.

Box: These treads are constructed by surrounding a solid core with boards that are lock-mitered/mitered together so there is face grain on all surfaces.  If you want this construction please make sure you specify “box construction” or “all face grain” on your quote requests.

Butcher Block: BBT#1-1
  • BBT#1 Butcher Block Pattern 1: Treads are face-glued for depth with edge grain on top and bottom and face grain on the front and back edge (end grain on ends). 
    Staves are the full length of the tread.
  • BBT#3 Butcher Block Pattern 3: Treads are constructed by gluing 1¾ square blocks with end grain on top and bottom of treads. Front and back edges and ends will be face and edge grain in a random pattern.  Squares around the perimeter of the tread may vary in size from the rest. 
    Choose all one species or alternate two.BBT#3-1BBT#3 multi-species-1


Oak Pointe can be your single source provider for stair components and other millwork.

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